Concerned about your child's confidence? Safety?
Or mental health management?

 Good health leads to a strong mind, increased focus, and productivity.

Martial Arts

Programs designed to improve Gross motor skills, Fine Motor skills, Coordination, and the understanding of the human body.


Working towards building strength, power, stamina, endurance, resistance training, weight, plyometric exercises, cardiovascular, and more. We have it all.


Self-defense instructors with years of experience in multiple forms of martial arts will guide your child along to improved confidence, discipline, respect, and health.

Sports for Special Needs Kids

1 to 1 Personal Training or Group Classes.

BuildMusclesStrengthEndurancefrom young age

The importance of health and fitness is growing around the world. The general public is finally understanding the necessity of fitness and exercise. Here at True Inclusion, we place fitness as a priority alongside education so our commitment and drive towards excelling in these aspects are equal.

Specific programs designed for your goals and your children too. Working towards building strength, power, stamina, endurance all have specific variations of exercises. We have trainers trained and certified in group fitness so you as the parent can join in too! Choreographed fitness fused with Martial arts, resistance training, weight, plyometric exercises, cardiovascular, and more. We have it all.

For children 5 y.o and above, able to follow instractions.

Please take the necessary measures to avoid changing/being late/canceling the lesson timing.

For any postponement or cancellation requests, please note that our office hours are 9am-5pm, and we may take up to 24 hours to read your email. Thus, please call +65 87200351 if you need to postpone/cancel the lessons and sessions will not be forfeited if a minimum of three days advanced notice is given. Clients who cause teachers to make wasted trips are liable to pay for transport and compensation charges as stated in our terms and conditions. (this includes if you simply email/SMS us instead of calling us if the postponement or cancellation is made within less than 24 hours.

Any cancellation made by True Inclusion will be refunded with make-up sessions only. If you go on holiday for more than two weeks, we may not be able to hold your regularly scheduled appointment time. You may have to re-arrange a suitable time slot before the lesson commencement.

Our centre is located at 579A Serangoon Road. (218193)

Kids classes available:
Jiu Jitsu
Kickboxing (Muay Thai)

Also join our NERF family games, where you can spend a fun time playing with kids and adults, or tabletop games in our special game room!


Why True Inclusion?

We are focused on removing worries, anxieties, and concerns from parents, thinking about how to build their child's capabilities both physically and mentally.

We are a group of educators, lecturers, and therapists that came together to change the structure and build greater opportunities for children and adults.

Medical Conditions We Have SuccessfullyTrained

Cerebral Palsy

Down syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Visual Impairment

Hearing difficulties


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Our programmes are designed to develop functional training, gross motor, and fine motor skills,
improve muscle development, self defense, and great confidence!

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